Friday, January 11, 2013

Last Night...

Don’t you love those mornings when you can’t stop grinning?

Last night was not at all what I expected. I made a series of blunders and errors… My timing was off. I had my nails done, curled my hair, packed our toys, stopped at the drugstore, and made it to the hotel late. I scrambled to get my enema done and arrange the room with our instruments, lining the dresser drawers with white fluffy towels and laying out everything neatly inside.

I was barely finished when G arrived. I let him inside, delighted to note the bottle of my favorite whiskey in his hand. I was wearing the little blue dress I wore the night we met. We kissed and held each other, and everything was going swimmingly until the moment he mentioned tying me up...

Because I’d forgotten the rope.

G wasn’t pleased. He rightfully pointed out that I’d had all day to prepare.. I’d made him wait, I’d forgotten the rope, I’d ALSO forgotten the candles to light the room… Why had I been so negligent?

When I screw up with G, he never gets angry. I’ve never heard him raise his voice. I’ve never seen him lose his temper… Somehow it’s worse. He notes the transgression, lets me know he’s disappointed, and files it away in his brain. Like it’s gone on my permanent record.

He thought I’d “forgotten” the items on purpose, to give him reason to punish me. That wasn’t true, but the truth wouldn’t stop me from getting on the wrong side of a beating. And unfortunately, while I’d forgotten ropes (my favorite thing), I’d remembered clamps (my least favorite thing).  

He made me lie on the bed while he placed a plastic base between my breasts. Clamps were attached to my nipples, and they were slowly pulled taut as he cranked the little device. It hurt so much, but the fact that I’d ruined his plans bothered me much more than the pain.

He had planned to tie me up and leave me that way for the bellhop to see, as he delivered the room service. Forgive me, but that sounded dead sexy. The idea that he planned something that scandalous, and was unable to execute it because I screwed up- drove me mad.

Instead, he made me strip down to my panties and see-through negligee as I answered the door and signed the bill for our dinner. The bell hop was very professional. Didn’t bat an eye. I wonder how many times he’s been the pawn in visitors’ kinky games.

If embarrassment #1 was being ill equipped for our evening, Embarrassment # 2 was leaving the tag on my lingerie. G spotted it, laughed, and teased me while extracting the offensive bit of paper. I wanted to die. Apparently, attempting a sex-savvy blog doesn’t prevent me from acting like a total novice when I’m alone with a man. It’s hard not to feel like a little girl playing a woman’s game.

I’m happy to report Liz joined us after all. She stopped by for drinks after we finished our supper. She wore a silk dress, heels, stockings and a garter belt. No panties. I enjoyed the conversation we all shared, but from the way she dressed, I knew she was ready for more than whiskey.

G carried her to the bed. It was lovely to watch. Liz is a tiny thing, short and small framed- like a bird.. G typically goes for small women- I’m the misfit in his band of Eskimo sisters, because I’m tall and curved. 

Once we were in bed, we shared each other in the most natural way… no toys or commands. Soft kissing, licking, stroking… sharing in a way that was both simple and effortless. I loved watching them kiss. I loved watching them do everything… I loved watching him pleasure her. But she’s so small, at one point he fucked her so hard I grew worried! I intervened enough to make sure she was alright. They both assured me she was fine and not to worry, so I tabled my mama bear instincts.

G held me in his arms while Liz kissed her way to the tops of my thighs. I was looking into G’s eyes the moment I felt her tongue. I gasped. G smiled.  He nods sometimes during sex- when things are going the way he likes. He nodded then.

I melted.

One moment that will be burned in my mind forever… Liz between my legs and G sliding down to join her. He suggested they eat me out together. Can you imagine? Two tongues on my clit, two hot mouths breathing and kissing my pussy.. then each other.. then my pussy. Uhhhhh!…. That was mentally the hottest thing, but what felt even better was when G had his finger(s) inside me and rubbed- during which time Liz kissed and licked me there with her puckered mouth. I loved the strength behind G’s fingers and the softness of Liz’s kiss. The juxtaposition was intoxicating. I want that again.

Another favorite of mine- giving G a blowjob with another girl. I first saw that in a porno last year- after I met G but before we tried a threesome. It looked so sexy... The other thing that looked sexy in that porno was kissing another girl while G fucked one of us, so he’d have that to watch while feeling a pussy around him. Although this desire had more to do with my fixation on the man’s perspective (See My Sexuality for an explanation). I always imagined that moment through G’s point of view…

Anyway, the dual blow job really is as exciting as I’d hoped it would be. Sliding our tongues along the length of him, all the way up until our mouths met… intermittently feeling her soft lips as I sucked his hard girth. We did it together, and we took turns. We teamed up- her mouth on his balls and my mouth on his shaft.. it made me feel both close to her and grateful to her- for helping me please my man. All the while listening to him vocalize his approval. So nice… How could you not be grateful to a woman for making someone you love that happy? Making him feel so good he moans… She’s a gem.

I kissed her while he fucked me. I liked squeaking into her mouth and pressing her lips to mine.. harder each time he thrust…. Later we relaxed, intertwined. I was in the middle and had an arm around each of my darlings. Beyond comfortable. I thought I couldn’t feel any happier.. until the moment G reached his arms around me, one above and one beneath. He touched her. He touched her pussy. He slid his fingers inside of her and rubbed. With his bottom hand, he anchored her frame. With his top hand, he got her off. I know how good those fingers feel… I know what they can do to you. He drew her closer, making me turn on my side. Facing G, I felt his strong arms around me- making the woman behind me shake and whimper. I was trapped. I couldn’t move without knocking either of his arms and disrupting the momentum. 

She came.

So many delicious moments… so many intimate, sensual touches. G had to leave before morning, but I hope it was as difficult for him to leave the naked, writhing women on the bed as he made it seem.

This morning Liz had to leave early for work. She kissed me, laid her hand on my chest, and told me I was beautiful. Not just the way I looked, but the way I held myself… with poise. Isn’t that a lovely compliment? I rose from bed grinning, and I haven’t stopped all day. I listened to a terrible Avril Lavigne song on the radio and still managed to tap my fingers. That means I was in a really good mood.  Stubbing my toe and needing to call a plumber today STILL didn’t remove the smile from my face.

In fact, I’m smiling now.


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