Saturday, January 5, 2013

Tape Job

Yesterday G came to see me. He had me prepare for his arrival by placing black mechanical tape around my legs and arms, putting on fresh panties, and making myself cum.

He found me on my bed, sprawled wide, panties wet, relaxed...

After removing my tiny lace thong, he continued the tape job, attaching my left limbs together.. then my right limbs together.. He taped my hands into fists and panties inside my mouth. Taped me until I was fully exposed and unable to cover or protect myself. Taped away my modesty and protestations.

Taped me into a toy.

I've never been clamped, but I've known for a while it was an inevitability. Once I was taped open for him, G placed clothespins on my pussy.

It hurt much worse than I expected... and differently. The pain wasn't immediate- the initial shock of the first pinch made me jump, but the next few minutes were worse. The pinch blossomed into an ache, which made me writhe and moan. Take them off take them off take them off...

After removing the evil clamps from  my pussy, he attached them to my nipples. It was terrible! The right hurt worse than the left, and he had me on my elbows and knees, so all I could do was stare at them as they hung menacingly beneath me.

G said he'd forgotten something in his car, but I suspected it was premeditated as he left me there with shooting pain through my tits. I glanced at the clock to measure exactly how long he was gone. The clock said 4:25.

To his credit, he retuned quickly and thoughtfully warned me before removing the clamps. The blood rushed back into my nipples with a violent force, making me jerk and whimper. What he'd forgotten in his car was a single malt whiskey, which he helped himself to with a glass from my kitchen. He sipped it slowly as I regained my composure.

 I have a large glass butt plug that I'm completely terrified of. He gave it to me a year ago and occasionally threatens me with its introduction.

I wasn't fasted or prepared for anal play. I hoped desperately he wouldn't put it there, and thankfully he pressed it against my vagina instead. The glass was cold. He pushed it inside, centimeter by centimeter.. I started to panic he'd push it all the way in, but he stopped and used it to look inside me.

There's something terrifying and enormously exciting when this happens. To be looked inside of... He told me later he could see all the way to my cervix.

It was quivering.

Unfinished, G extracted an electrical wand from our stash of devices. The end is glass and very delicate, and it delivers a sharp sting when plugged in. The pain isn't too bad, but it's very startling. There's something unnerving about having electricity run through you, so the mental impact is more significant than the physical. It DID hurt, however, when he touched the wetness between my legs. The electricity was conducted much more there. And its plethora of nerve endings makes my asshole extremely sensitive.

He told me when he shocked me there, my vaginal wetness swelled and began to drip.

Needless to say, when the foreplay was over he took me hard. I can tell when the fucking's about to get violent, because he plants his foot next to me- for leverage. He fucked me with my face buried in the mattress, then he turned me over to fuck me on my back. My taped gag had fallen down, so he put a pillow over my face to muffle the sound.

He came on my eye... and my cheek and the tape around my jaw.

Later, after cuddling, he fucked me again while lying on his side. He placed his hand over my pussy, leaving a small window through his fingers for me to touch my clit. I liked touching myself with that restricted access. As I rubbed, I felt the weight of his palm stimulate me flatly. The contrast between my own sharp clit-fingering and the solid flat pressure from his hand sent me over the edge. I came crying his name.

All in all, I had a very pleasant afternoon. He left me tired and covered in tape residue, playfully swatting my bottom before disappearing. He's a playful guy. ;-)


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