Thursday, January 10, 2013


Tonight is going to be special.

G booked a suite in a beautiful hotel. I have a gorgeous set of La Perla lingerie I’m going to christen (a Christmas present from G). But most exciting… we’re going to have dinner. J That never happens! Usually it’s sex in my apartment or flirtations over the phone.. I can count the number of times we’ve shared a meal on two hands.

It’s funny… my relationship with G has progressed backwards. Usually you meet someone, go on some dates, have a few dinners, meet each others’ friends, have sex, maybe get a little kinky…

G and I started off with the hardest core sex I’ve ever had. More kink, more sex, more shock… then after several months, he snuck me along on an overnight business trip. When we (gasp!) had dinner together! In a restaurant. It seemed like a huge step we were taking. Were we ready?? It was a little disconcerting being around him for 48 hours straight, and spending maybe three of those on my back.

For his birthday, Mrs. G sent us on a weekend getaway. We had a bath together in the luxurious hotel  she’d chosen. Mmmmm it was cozy. Another first for us, sitting in water.  

Each milestone is more normal and domestic than the last. G helping me fill out a form, including me in an email forward, helping me pick out a de-clogging agent for my shower drain. I’d let him put a camera up my ass, but if he ever asked me to mail a letter I might say, “Whoa! This is moving pretty fast!”

Kidding. Mostly. Anyway, tonight was supposed to be a kinky night of debaucherous fun. At first I had not one- but TWO sexy ladies lined up to join us. G was going to take us all to dinner at the hotel, and then disarmingly invite us upstairs. Where I’d have the room set with our toys, instruments, accessories… I was more excited about the dinner than the sex, actually. I know these girls, and the idea of him conversing with all three of us at once was thrilling. One of my darlings couldn’t make it, but I still had my main lady squeeze. She's a tiny, beautiful woman. She reminds me of Elizabeth Taylor... thick, drawn eyebrows, scarlet lips, and lots of style. I'll call her Liz.

Last night, G and I teased each other over texts.. . He told me he’d booked the suite under my name. And I said, “How nice! But where will you two sleep?”

He informed me he’d just tie me to the chandelier, where I could hang all night and watch them make out beneath me like junior high kids.

Isn’t he a charmer?

I sent him dirty photos and detailed what I wanted him to see me do with Liz. Lots of licking, strap on play, cumming in her mouth.. I wanted him to see everything.

I went to bed with a pleasant anticipatory feeling, but before I could lose consciousness, Liz texted me that she’d likely be unable to make it. :-( My amazing date- the date I’d taken off work for- canceled a mere two hours after the nonrefundable hotel was booked. Lovely.

I wouldn’t feel bad, except this is the second time G booked a room after I promised him another woman… only for me to show up one pussy short.

We discussed other options, contingency plans… we’re fortunate enough to know a few beautiful and sexually adventurous women. But we decided  to be the only lucky devils enjoying the suite and each others’ company tonight.

I am giving myself not one, but two enemas. I am shaving and exfoliating. I am getting a mani pedi. I am curling my hair with hot rollers. I am wearing the aforementioned lingerie with sheer hosiery and high heeled stilettos.

I am packing every dirty toy we’ve collected: rope, clamps, electrical unit… even the strap on in case Liz decides to make an appearance. And I’m arriving at the hotel early…

And so. Tonight will be special. I love meeting in hotels. It takes me back to our early days together… our clandestine hotel meetings. Spending hours preparing, rolling stockings up my legs, painting my lips, carefully arranging the bobby pins in my hair… every moment the anticipation building until I’m a nervous wreck when I teeter into the hotel lobby. Well… sometimes I teeter. Sometimes I saunter. Sometimes I lug an enormous case of sex equipment behind me…

I wish I could plan something new and hot to surprise him with. A new toy or a strip tease… something he isn’t expecting. I love surprising him.  But I don’t know what toy I could possibly surprise him with… our toys are usually used on me. So that seems a little selfish: Surprise! Use this on me so I can get off! And as far as strip teases, what am I going to do? Sit him down in a chair and DANCE for him? That’s so… silly. I couldn’t pull it off.  

God. It’s like if I’m not surprising him with another woman, I don’t know what to do! I’ll be thinking on this until 8pm tonight when we’re meeting. If ANYONE has an idea for a surprise or an adventure I can spring on him...

Check back tomorrow for a full account of our exploits. Mmm… like I said, tonight will be special. Can’t wait to share it.


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